2Keto LLC is a media company from Connecticut, USA responsible for producing the podcast 2KetoDudes, KetoWoman with Daisy Brackenhall, The Obesity Code Podcast, and KetoFamilies.
MHS specialize in the measurement, monitoring and management of a patient’s metabolic health. MHS developed ECAL, the world’s first portable metabolic monitor designed for clinical practice. 
Tassie Tallow is a producer of high quality rendered fats including dripping from grass fed local cattle, and lamb, Lard from premium paddock reared  local pigs, and premium duck fat and ghee.
Primal alternative is an Australian food service franchise that produces nutrient dense food to Paleo/Clean eating/Ketogenic customers.  Represented at Ketofest by 3 local Canberra  franchisees.
Low Carb Emporium is proud to be Australia’s largest online specialty low carb store with the widest range of specialty low carb snacks and low carb foods.